Mushroom ID Class

What are those mushrooms in your front yard? On your hike? Learn the basics to identifying local San Diego mushroom species!

About this Event
Please join us for our first virtual mushroom identificatioon workshop with the amazing mushroom legend, Dennis Sharmahd!

$10 for members (with discount code sent in member mailing)
$20 non-members

A Few Things To Note
* This workshop is open to members and non-members alike. Members get a discounted price using code shared in member email. If you’d like to become a member you can join HERE. Only one membership per family is required.

*Please collect mushrooms and bring them to the zoom call to be used in the class-portion of identification. A portion of the class will need your engagment, including finding some mushrooms to bring to class!

Workshop Agenda
10am: Introduction to mushroom features and terminology
10:30am ~ 12pm: Visual guide to fruiting fungi with in class identification practice using participant’s mushrooms

Zoom Rules
A Zoom link will be sent to you directly to join the class after purchase of ticket. Please do not share this link with anyone. This class is meant for whoever has purchased a ticket. Thank you!


Teacher Bio
Dennis Sharmahd: Edible Landscaper, Herbalist, Mycologist grew up with rare fruits and an edible landscaped garden in Lemon Grove. He has been traveling in the American South West, Mexico and Brazil hunting for rare fruits, herbs, mushrooms and vegetables. He has also been collecting and growing rare cactus and other fruits at his small farm north of Escondido for over 30 years. He is an integral member of SDMYCO. 

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March Monthly Mushroom Meeting

Join us Monday March 1 for our Monthly Mushroom Meeting as we invite special guest David Rust as he brings us to the underground world of mycorrhizal connections. Discover how fungi and plants make a mycorrhizal connection!

Mycorrhizal symbiosis is a seemingly simple concept:  plants provide carbohydrates; fungi gather nutrients.  That’s once the mycorrhizal connection is made, but what’s involved in the process of colonization?  How do these underground connections come about at the structural level of hyphae and the root system? What environmental factors are in play to facilitate this connection?

Join David as he delights us with important discoveries that have been made about the connections mycorrhizal fungi have made with other organisms and how they can be markers for the health of our soil. 


More about David Rust:

David Rust is past president of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA). Along with his wife Debbie Veiss, he is the co-founder of the Bay Area Mycological Society. He created the All California Club Forays in 2005 and coordinated the Mycoblitz science forays at Point Reyes National Seashore from 2005-2007. He is an active participant in the Yosemite Fungal Survey. He is past president, vice president and fair committee chair of the Mycological Society of San Francisco. For over a decade, David has followed news and research about the devastating forest pathogen Phytophthora ramorum, which causes the disease known as Sudden Oak Death. He is a member of the California Oak Mortality Task Force. David is a participant in the North American Mycoflora Project, a new citizen science endeavor to document all fungi on the continent. As well as an active participant at SOMA Camp. 




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Annual Fungus Fair

San Diego Mycological Society Presents

The 23rd Annual San Diego Fungus Fair

Sunday, February 21st, 2021

Virtual Fair

10:30am ~2pm PST





Fungal friends from near and far…. we welcome you to San Diego’s 23rd Annual Fungus Fair.

Virtually screened on Sunday 2/21/21 via Facebook Live and our very own YouTube Channel : San Diego Mycological Society

HOW TO WATCH: Tune in to Facebook LIVE or YouTube

Facebook : San Diego Mycological Society

YoutTube :   San Diego Mycological Society Channel


This year SDMYCO is spreading thier love for mushrooms to a wider net than just SD mycelium, the world wide-web that is. As lovers of mushrooms we are well aware of the importance of being connected to each other in a symbiotic relationship, and we are joining our efforts to keep us a devoted biological community. We are lucky to have a great line up of knowledgable people share thier passions and insights. Join us on this one day event filled with fascinating mushroom talks, cooking and cultivating demonstrations, and featured vendors with amazing mycophilic goods.








Facebook: San Diego Mycological Society

Instagram @SDMYCO

Become part of SDMYCO Community!

Tell ALL your fungal friends, they dont have to be in San Diego to participate this year and FREE its to attend!

We are excited for you to join us!

Mush Love,

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February Monthly Meeting

Join us Monday February 1 for our Monthly Mushroom Meeting as we invite guests Trent and Kristen Blizzard from Modern Foragers as they delight our palates with their talk : “Mushroom Preservation: How to preserve, store and enjoy your foraged bounty for year-round use.“

They are the authors of Wild Mushrooms: A Cookbook and Foraging Guide. Whether you are a seasoned forager or new to the wild and wonderful word of edible forest fungi, this book has something for you! You will find a wealth of tips and tricks for harvesting each mushroom, along with general cooking techniques and preservation methods. They endeavor to explore not only a selection of delicious cuisine and new methods of cooking these wild edibles, but the question of how to preserve and enjoy your harvests all year long. The book is also a celebration of people they have met over the years.

Regardless of what mushroom they are after or where they are searching, Trent and Kristen often have their two crazy doodles (Benzie and Lulu) helping out. They also employ a wide range of technologies that bring a modern twist to an ancient practice. As modern foragers, they utilize digital mapping, social media, GPS, phone apps, and even satellite internet while on the road. You will find them blogging about their adventures at


ALSO, take time to vote for the new SDMYCO logo!



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First Mushroom Meeting of 2021

SDMYCO Monthly Monday Mushroom Meeting
Monday, January 4, 2021

Richard Tehan


Welcome SD Mycophiles to 2021!

We hope that you enjoyed your holidays and have had a wonderful start to your 2021. Join us for SDMYCO’s Monday Mushroom Monthly Meeting coming up January 4, at 7pm.       (*** SDMYCO Members check you email for registration link***)

We are excited to bring you keynote speaker, Richard Tehan, PhD Candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences, from Oregon State University, as he takes us on a mysterious journey and shares with us new discoveries of the chemistry and biology of Cordycep-like fungi.

Richard’s thesis research is about drug discovery, chemical ecology, and the evolution of secondary metabolism, focuses on the fungi genus, Tolypocladium, better known as synonyms Cordyceps and Elaphocordyceps.

His presentation will explore the taxonomy, evolution, and discovery of the insect-pathogenic fungi known as Cordyceps. He will provide information about identification, as well as captivate the audience with entertaining and intriguing photos of fungus-zombified arthropods.

Come curious and leave in awe!

See you soon,

Not a Member yet? Become an SD Mycophile at


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Hello SD Mycophiles!

Join us for SDMYCO’s Monday Mushroom Monthly Meeting coming up December 7, at 7pm. We are excited to bring you keynote speaker, Dr. Sydney Glassman, Assistant Professor of the Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology at UC Riverside. Her lab focuses on understanding the role of soil fungi and bacteria in ecosystem regeneration after wildfires and the role of microbiology community complexity and fungal-bacterial interactions in litter decomposition.

TALK : “A Tale of Two Megafires: Fire Effects on Fungi”
Fires are increasingly frequent across the globe and in Southern California. Fires negatively impact most fungi but some fungi are adapted to and thrive after wildfires. These fungi are called pyrophilous fungi. Dr. Glassman had two serendipitous opportunities to study pyrophilous fungi when her research plots burned down in catastrophic megafires. And what timely information this comes, as California recently has been doused with fires across the state.


Meeting hosted over Zoom. Registration Details for talk will be mailed to members day of event.

As a continuation and appreciation to increase fungal education SDMYCO is teaming up with UCR creating the “Microbiology Award of Excellence in Mycology”. The awardee with be a UCR Graduate student doing research in Mycology. This scholarship was created in honor of our founder, Dr. Elio Schaechter.

Lastly, we are having board elections at the beginning of the meeting, if you are interested in being part of this years board please fill out the application. We are especially in need of filling the positions of Secretary and Social Media Director.

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Mycophiles!!!      Welcome!!!

Join SDMYCO tonight, Monday Nov 2, at 7pm as we invite famed mycologist Alan Rockefeller as our host for our first Mushroom Meeting of the season.

Meeting is FREE for everyone so tell your fungal friends!




Where: Comfort of your home via ZOOM
When: Monday, Nov 2 @ 7pm
Meeting ID: 902 637 2276
Password: RAIN

Virtual Etiquette: Everyone will be muted upon entering, but we would like you to stay engaged using the chat box or the emojis on the screen. You are welcome to questions anytime in the chat and will be answered by Alan at the end of the talk. And there will also be a chance to win a Mushroom Poster!

Dec 7, 2020: Dr. Sydney Glassman
Jan 4, 2021: Richard Tehan, PhD

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Resuming the Mushroom Season

Welcome back, Fungi Friends and Mycophiles! I hope this message finds you all in good health. We hope you are safe and navigating our new realities with as much grace and wisdom as you can muster. We are thinking of you!

It has been a long hiatus from our regular meetings, and I trust that this time has afforded you more opportunities to forage, identify, cultivate, create, and cook with mushrooms.

Although this year has been a difficult one, the board is excited to bring you a season of meetings and classes (virtual, of course) that will include lectures, bio-blitzes, mushroom identification, art classes, cultivation classes, and cooking demonstrations. Our goal is to bring you edutaining content, where you can learn and be entertained at the same time.

The first bit of good news is that we will resume our Monthly Monday Meetings the first Monday of every month at 7pm PST starting NOVEMBER 2 with the famed Alan Rockefeller. Classes and workshops will be spread out throughout the coming months.

Please join us to be part of these fun and educational activities. Your input is valuable, and we would like to encourage you to participate, lead, teach, organize, or mentor a mushroom topic in the coming months. If you feel you have the drive and energy to do so, please contact me here to schedule an engaging event. We will also be hosting elections for the MYCO-BOARD in November. More details to follow.

Some of you are eager to start exploring the realms of the mushroom world so here are a few suggestions on where to begin. Since most Mycological Societies are holding meetings on-line, you can join some of their meetings as well! A great resource to find out about other mushroom clubs is through following and becoming a member of the North American Mycological Society (NAMA)

Other Upcoming (nonSDMS) Mushroom October Events:

>>>>>> Join other Mycophiles for a virtual showing of “Fungi Film Fest” for 3.5 hours of short Fungi films There are still 4 slot times to watch it. Just register for the time frame that works for you. There is also a game to play with your fungal friends “FUNGO” : Bingo game for up to 7 players as you watch the films.

>>>>>> THIS SUNDAY OCT 25 The Cascade Mycological Society (CMS) and Mount Pisgah Arboretum, located in Eugene, Oregon would like to invite your members to a Virtual Mushroom Festival. On Sunday October 25th, there will be 8 hours of mushroom-centric programming streamed to viewers, including presentations from leading experts in the field of mycology, mushroom cooking demos, mushroom forays, live Q&A with experts, music, an iNaturalist Mycolblitz, and so much more ~ all for free!

What: Mount Pisgah Arboretum with Cascade Mycological Society and Lane Community College present the 2020 Virtual Mushroom Show!
When: Sunday, October 25th, from 10 am to 6 pm
Where: Check out all streaming locations on thier website at

The fungi are here to heal the planet and its beautiful inhabitants, so come be a part of our mycelial network here in San Diego. We are so excited to see all of our lovely fungal friends. See you on Monday!

Mush Love,
San Diego Mycological Society


Looking to become part of the leadership role for the San Diego Mycological Society?
WE are looking to fill some vital roles, but you can apply for any position that intrests you.

Fill out an application here

Communications / Social Media Manager
Activities Director
Photo Journalist

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Mycelial Connection Amidst Uncertainty

Dearest Mycophiles,

In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak we are canceling our April meeting and will not be hosting any additional events until everything settles.

Now, more than ever, we need each other in (virtual) community. To fend off feelings of loneliness and isolation we encourage you to stay connected with us and other mycophiles through a variety of online resources as well as through physically distanced Citizen Science (Hello rain!).

Here are some resources to keep you connected:

We look forward to seeing you all in person soon as we have many ideas, projects, and classes to share.

Until then stay healthy and Mush Love,

San Diego Mycological Society Board

*** As always – Please do not eat any mushroom without proper identification. San Diego has more toxic mushrooms than edible ones!***

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Pop-Up Foray this Saturday 2/29


Please join us for another SDMYCO POP-UP FORAY! 

We’re excited to get out into the wild again. Although the lack of rains this season may not produce an abundance of mushrooms, hopefully some will be up, as the atmosphere has remained moist. Last year’s foray at this site was quite rewarding!

All member attendees must register HERE to participate.

Saturday, February 29th


Buena Vista Park Loop Trailhead

1601 Shadowridge Dr, Vista, CA 92081

*Enter through Antigua and Shadowridge Rd. and go towards the end of the parking lot. Meet at the  picnic tables

Continue reading

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