Fungus Fair Vendor Descriptions

Cassandra Ablola : Lux Amor Pax: a brand that promotes light, love and peace through wearable one-of-a-kind works of art and mushroom themed gifts.

Dennis SharmahdMountain Meadow Mushrooms Dennis, an Edible Landscaper, Herbalist, Mycologist, grew up with rare fruits and an edible landscaped garden in Lemon Grove. He is one of the founding fathers of the SDMS. He has been traveling in the American South West, Mexico and Brazil hunting for rare fruits, herbs, mushrooms and vegetables. He has also been collecting and growing rare cactus and other fruits at his small farm north of Escondido for over 30 years. He was one of the growers at Golden Gourmet Mushroom Farm and currently works with Mountain Meadows. He teaches in the area about wild edible and medicinal plans and mushrooms. He will be at the fair selling hand-made chocolate and tinctures as well as fresh delicious mushrooms from local farm.
( Dennis Sharmahd  )

Steve Ferrar : OM Shrooms : Mushrooms are our Mantra.
Om is the leading producer of the highest quality certified 100% organic functional mushroom powders that contribute to optimal health. Having traveled the world to discover unique mushroom varieties, they have combined the perfect balance of ancient wisdom with modern methodology to grow these miraculous mushrooms in our state-of-the-art facility. They harness and distill the amazing, all-natural micronutrient benefits of the mushroom kingdom. Founders, Steve Farrar, a mycologist with over 30 years experience growing mushrooms and Sandra Carter (M.A. MPH, Ph.D.), a health and wellness expert with a PhD in preventative medicine, both have a deep-rooted passion for mushrooms. We encourage you to try for yourself and enjoy a new level of vibrancy and overall wellness. Come learn, sample and buy their products at the fair.

Gavin Escobar : The Chaga Company
“Tonic of the forest, bounty of the earth, goodness for the planet.” Chaga has earned its titles such as “The King of Mushrooms” and the “Diamond of the Forest”. The Chaga Company offer a wide array of chaga products to suit everyone’s tastes and needs. The Chaga Company provides high quality mushroom products by maintaining the right harvesting product standards in both distribution and production. The Chaga Company products have several medicinal properties, ranging from the antioxidant properties for a youthful look, and the phytonutrients and adaptogen properties for  a healthier and longer life.With the adoption of the green process of harvesting the mushrooms, the customers and environment are given the respect they deserve.  Come learn more about this unique and powerful mushroom. Visit Gavin Ecobar, founder of The Chaga Company at the fair!

Girard Gourmet
Girard Gourmet, has been a local La Jolla hotspot since 1987, when Francois and Diana Geodhuys established this eatery. Girard Gourmet offers a selection of sandwiches, salads and pastries. They also offer a catering service for businesses and special eventsLooking to develop their store further, they have recently added designer cookie to their menus as well as organic produce from their farm in Julian where they recycle all the Girard Gourmet Kitchen scraps. They are committed in bringing their customers healthy honest and exceptionally tasting food. Come check out the delectable creations of Girard Gourmet, you are sure to get a mushroom treat. Come early for they may sell out!

Sarah : Sarah captures glimpses from the ground in the form of photographic mushroom postcards and mushroom dyed goods.

Krista : Krista is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in cast metal sculpture who turned her carving skills to linoleum block printing.

Mary Ann Hawke: Mycoflora Project: Want to be a part of San Diego’s Mushroom research? Come find out about the San Diego Mycoflora Project. We collect, identify, and sequence mushrooms of San Diego and San Diego County. Come be a part of this citizen science project, come to the fair to learn more!
Mary Ann is an ecologist and environmental educator who enthusiastically promotes citizen science projects in San Diego. She was Director of the San Diego County Plant Atlas project at the San Diego Natural History Museum and now volunteers with the San Diego Barcode of Life . She also cofounded the San Diego Citizen Science Network
Mary Ann’s interest in fungi developed when she did her Ph.D. at Agriculture Canada in a lab researching plant pathology and plant-soil-microbe interactions.

Kim Le : Prime Roots Kim is the CEO and Co-Founder of Prime Roots which is a company that makes fungi superprotein that is delicious and good for you and the planet. Prime Root’s superprotein is grown using fermentation and their process and ingredients are all natural. Prime Roots is developing delicious, hearty, and nutritious meat and seafood alternatives with the protein and has a community chefs and foodies for meatfree recipe sharing, fungi related content, and experience seeking fungi-lovers.
Kim developed the idea to use fungi as a sustainable protein source and meat analogue through her experience in microbiology and in having deep roots in the restaurant and food service industry. The Prime Roots team was part of IndieBio, the world’s leading biology accelerator, and made the world’s first fungi based salmon burger that was featured in Fast Company as a World Changing Idea and the Wall Street Journal in the Future of Everything.
Kim was previously a student and researcher at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab looking at microbes including fungi and about how they are impacted by different agricultural practices as well as how they benefit and impact agricultural systems as a whole. Kim was involved in the alternative meat lab program at UC Berkeley where she combined her background in biology and food science with her experience and passion for food and product development. As a member of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), she is passionate about using food science and food technology to change the future of food to be sustainable and delicious.

Kimberlie Le
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Edible Alchemy  has an array of mushroom tinctures: Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Red Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, and 14 Mushroom Blend. The tinctures use triple extraction, wild harvested or certified organic mushrooms, certified organic cane alcohol. The tinctures take 100 days to make. For centuries mushrooms have been used as traditional remedies. Many cultures believe they have powerful healing properties.

Mushroom Zen/Kanako :  To mushroom lovers! I create many different style of mushrooms jewelries , realistic , fantasy, trippy ,forest spirits, gradation colored and with crystals too. Hope you find your favorite jewelry!

Eric Mueller growing kits, tinctures
Sam Andrasko: Mushroom farm
Rose Tusti: Tusti Art
Les Braund: Lichen Table

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