Membership Information

Formed in 1997, the San Diego Mycological Society started as a place to share information and create an environment to educate and disseminate scientific information about mycology to the community. Our meetings allow members to share and collaborate with monthly meetings featuring scientists and special guest from all disciplines of Mycology. Together members go on forays throughout San Diego county to collect mushrooms and learn about mushrooms.

Membership benefits

  • Mushroom forays
  • Knowledge and guidance of Society members
  • Access to the San Diego Mycological Society Forums
  • Massive amounts of prestige

How to become a member?

To become a member of the San Diego Mycological Society there is an Annual fee of $20 made payable to the Treasurer.

To pay your dues you can:

  • pay in person at one of our monthly meetings; 
  • pay via PayPal:

  • or mail a check or money order to:

San Diego Mycological Society
c/o Pat Nolan (Treasurer)
7135 Calabria Ct, Unit B
San Diego, CA 92122-5594

Please include the following information:

Phone number

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