Fungus Fair 2024 & Art Contest!

Hello MycoPeeps!

Our Fungus Fair is our biggest yearly event which you don’t want to miss! This favorite event is a coming together of a broad range of myco enthusiasts such as speakers, artists, growers, processors and several other levels of fun and education.
*Calling for Fungus Fair Vendors and Volunteers!*
If interested, please see details on links below.

At the Fungus Fair in San Diego 2024, delve into the fascinating realm of mycology where the intricate growth and functions of fungi in nature take center stage. Explore the vast landscape of scientific advancements within mycology, showcasing the wealth of knowledge being unearthed. Witness how mycelium, the underground network of fungal threads, becomes a focal point in biotechnological studies, opening new frontiers in sustainable practices and innovative applications. This immersive experience promises a captivating blend of nature’s wonders and cutting-edge mycological science.

Here’s our flyer for our SDMYCO 2024 Fungus Fair!

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We had an art contest this year!



Categories for the art contest include:
1. Traditional 2D art
2. Sculpture
3. Mixed Media
4. Digital Art
5. Fabric & Fiber Arts
6. Photography

Contest Rules & Guidelines
1. The entrant must be a member of SDMYCO. If not already a member, please sign up on our website before submitting.
2. Each participant may enter up to 6 pieces total in the contest, with no more than 2 entries for any one category.
3. Art must visually depict fungi somewhere in the piece and/or use fungi as an ingredient (including but not limited to dyes, paints, and paper made from mushrooms, dried mushrooms in mixed media, etc.).
4. By entering, the entrant agrees to allow SDMYCO to use submission images in our newsletter, social media, website, printed promotional materials, and anywhere else SDMYCO sees fit. (please include your account name if you would like to be tagged on social media).

1. Six participants (one winner from each category) will receive a one-year membership to SDMYCO.
2. Honorable Mentions may be presented for entries found to be of particular interest but that do not place.
3. Winners will be announced via SDMYCO’s channels (e.g., Newsletter, social media, etc.).
4. The physical artwork for both Winners and Honorable Mentions will be displayed at SDMYCO’s Annual Fungus Fair to be held on February 18, 2024, in Balboa Park.


See you soon!

Mush love,