Microbiology Award for Excellence in Mycology


The San Diego Mycological Association established the Microbiology Award for Excellence in Mycology to be awarded to one meritorious graduate student in the Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology (MPP) at the University of California, Riverside.  All aspects of fungal biology and ecology are encouraged. A faculty committee will identify the applicant that has demonstrated excellence in research and creative forward-thinking in their dissertation research.


History: The Microbiology Award for Excellence in Mycology was established in 2020 on behalf of the San Diego Mycological Society in honor of Dr. Moselio Schaechter. Dr. Moselio Schaechter, “Elio,” was born in Milan, Italy and in 1940 at age 12, he and his parents found refuge as European Jews in Ecuador. When he was 14, an interest in microbiology was inspired after he read Microbe Hunters, by Paul de Kruif. Studies in high school and medical school plus his work in bacteriology laboratories led him in 1950 to the University of Kansas and University of Pennsylvania for graduate degrees. He was soon drafted and served in the US Army doing microbial research at Walter Reed, later spending time in Denmark doing postdoctoral study. *  Later, Dr. Schaecter made his way back to the United States and became a Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Tufts University, chaired the Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology from 1970 to 1993 conducting research into microbial growth physiology and bacterial cell organization. Dr. Schaechter also developed and maintained a profound interest in field mycology through the Boston Mycological Club. Besides co-authoring numerous microbiology textbooks, he also wrote In the Company of Mushrooms, Harvard Press. Relocating to San Diego in 1994, Dr. Schaechter continued his teaching as Adjunct Faculty at San Diego State University and Visiting Scholar at UC San Diego. In 1997 he helped found the San Diego Mycological Society, which funds this scholarship in his honor and where he remains active. In 2006 he launched a popular blog for the American Society of Microbiology detailing the world of microbes, “Small things Considered.”


The San Diego Mycological Association is proud to honor Elio and his lifetime of work dedicated to furthering understanding of our biological world. Now, you can be a part of history too. Your donations help further mycological education and research for generations to come.  


Small Things Considered   https://schaechter.asmblog.org/schaechter/


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