Potential Foray – March 15th

Will and Claudette Wilson have graciously invited the SDMS members to their San Luis Rey ranch on Saturday, March 15th at 10:00 AM, but we need volunteers to assist with the foray details (announcements, collecting waivers, organizing, etc.) as a large portion of the board members are not available that weekend to organize the event. Please contact any of the board members if you are interested in assisting with the organization of the foray.

The Foray is a go. An email announcement should be sent out soon containing the details. Participation in SDMS Forays requires a signed liability waiver by each participant. The liability waiver form can be found on the website under the Events Tab (http://www.sdmyco.org/?page_id=14). If you are unable to print the PDF form, we will have copies of the form on hand the day of the foray. Please arrive a little early in order to complete the form. The plan is to forage for one or two hours and then meet for the potluck lunch.