San Diego County Fair Garden Show; Adopt a Mushroom

June 25th, 2016. The Society also had a booth in the Garden Show section at the county fair.
fullsizerender-2 img_7923 img_7924 displays fair group

At the end of the fair, the Garden division gave SDMS ten of the papermache mushrooms that had been on display at the fair so that we could display them at our February Fungus Fair. The mushrooms need a home where they can be stored out of the weather (they are currently stored outside my garage). We are looking for volunteers to take one or two mushrooms home to be stored until needed for the Feb. Fungus fair. Some of the mushrooms also need some restoration and new paint jobs. We are also looking for volunteers willing to add more papermache, paint them to the color or design of your choice, and cover them with a protective coating (urethane). If interested in storage or restoration of a mushroom, please contact [email protected].