November 6, 2017 Meeting – 6:30 PM: Elections, DIY Mushroom Arts and Crafts, and Holiday Sale

The November meeting will be packed full of activities: DIY Mushroom Arts and Crafts, a Holiday Sale, and Officer Elections; you won’t want to miss it! The meeting will be hosted in Room 101, Casa Del Prado in Balboa Park at 6:30 PM. There will be no dinner before the meeting. We could use volunteer help with setting up tables before the meeting.

DIY Mushroom Arts and Crafts
Our last watercolor painting event was so popular that we are doing another mushroom themed Arts and Craft meeting with expanded DIY activities. The club will provide the crafting supplies. Feel free to bring mushroom specimens to use as still life displays. There will be supplies for creating stamped, colored, or watercolor painted greeting cards, as well as string art and large or small watercolor paintings. Here are a few examples:
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Holiday Sale
We will also have a few vendors selling items so you can start the holiday shopping early for those mushroom lovers in your life. The club will also have some books and shirts for sale that are normally sold in our “bookstore” during the February Fungus Fair. Remember half the proceeds from club book sales go directly to the club to support club meetings, events, and speaker fees.

We are a volunteer organization and need individuals to donate their time to keep the club operational and planning all the great talks, content, and forays that you have come to enjoy. Please consider running for one of the offices as we could really use your support.
Board Officer Positions and Responsibilities
The board is responsible for scheduling speakers and the Fungus fair.
**President: responsible for presiding over the monthly meetings, heading the monthly board meetings, submitting the room reservations, usually attends the SDBGF meetings to represent the club.
**Vice President: assists President and performs presidential obligations when president is indisposed.
**Secretary: take notes at board meetings and distributes information to the group.
**Treasurer: handles membership dues, handles accounting (speaker payments, dinner payments, expense reimbursements, etc.), pays club taxes from fair sales.
**Board Member at Large: non-officer who has responsibility of voting at board meetings and assisting with scheduling of speakers.

Non Board Positions
**SDBGF Representative: attends the SDBGF meetings and represents the club at the meeting. Participant is usually the president or a board member, but can be anyone affiliated with the club.
**Website Manager: posts club announcements on website.
**News Editor: sends emails about club events and meetings as well as other fun fungus facts and information
**Social Media Manager: posts club announcements on social media outlets.
**Audio/Visual Manager: sets up projector and audio equipment for club meetings and the fungus fair
**Public Relations Manager: manages advertising of the fungus fair (most advertising occurs in November for the February event).
**Foray Manager: organizes club forays (including obtaining foray waivers).