Steve Farrar with Fungus Among Us, TONIGHT! Plus, Events for October

Hello Mushroom Enthusiasts!

Fungal friends,

Here are some events for you to enjoy for the upcoming month!


Head over to Wavelength Brewing Co. as Mycologist Steve Farrar will be at the Science Stage for a sequel to his 2019 talk “Fungus Among Us“. 

Did you know that San Diego County has a vibrant mushroom growing industry? Steven Farrar, also long time member of the SDMS,  has been a part of that industry for over 25 years, growing a variety of mushrooms for both culinary and health purposes. Mushroom cultivation employs a variety of sciences and technologies, including robotic mushroom farming. Come learn about the amazing world of fungi and its presence in our community. 

Again, that’s tonight, September 24th at 8 PM at Wavelength Brewing Co.

Here’s the Facebook link for more information on Steve’s talk.

As always our talks are 100% free and all ages, so bring the kids!

Plus, if the skies are clear our Big Friendly Telescope may make an appearance!


Also, be on the lookout for these other great events from other Mycological groups happening in October :

POC Fungi 

Nepantla Spora Gallery open 10/2-23 Centro Cultural de la Raza

@ Balboa Park (SAN DIEGO- in person)

• 5 Part Webinar Series with Maria Morrow and Christian Schwarz

◦ $49 starting in October

Fungi Global Summit

◦ Hosted by Fantastic Fungi Louie Schwartzberg

◦ October 15-17, free

◦ 40+ speakers plus live music

◦ Can get lifetime access to All Content for $99


Mushroaming: Daniel Winkler Classes

◦ Register in Advance, $10, Wednesdays

▪ Oct 6 Medicinal Mushrooms :

How to find, identify, and process them

▪ Oct 13 Western Boletes :

On Kings, Queens, Jacks and Beyond

◦ 2022 Tours to Columbia and Bhutan



PSMS Annual Wild Mushroom Show

(Seattle Oct 23 & 24)




Mush Love,