Dylan Enright – Monday monthly meeting – Elections upcoming!!

Hello Myco Fam!!

Hope you’ve enjoyed your summer “break”!

Our official season kicks off again this Monday at 7pm with a special lecture::::

Dylan Enright is a 5th year microbiology Ph.D. candidate and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow in the Glassman Lab at University of California Riverside. His research explores the effect that catastrophic wildfires (ie. “Mega-fires”) have on soil bacteria and fungi. His work includes DNA sequencing based analysis of soil microbial communities in addition to culturing fire adapted fungi and bacteria in the lab for microbial trait-based experiments.




























Also, that time of the year is coming up when we, as myco enthusiasts, would like to help support our fungtastic organization by participating all things SDMYCO related, such as choosing speakers and putting these and other events together, or whatever the assignment may entail and where we can often find a few of us geeking out on mushroom anythings. There are several positions as indicated in the flyer below. The more hands we have, the easier it is on everyone and the more we are able to do. If you like and appreciate what we have going on and would like to see it continue, please consider filling one of the positions in our SDMYCO Board of Directors!!!

Thank you in advance and if interested, please apply here: https://forms.gle/nFZKQMYZJYzaTLUw6


























Remember to check out our social media. There’s plenty of great things coming this new season!!!

Keep on rain dancing and can’t wait to see you this Monday!!

Mush love,