Upcoming Elections! – Volunteer with Us!

Hello Fungi Lovers!
Our Annual Board of Elections is coming up on Monday, November 6. We would like to invite you to form part of our SDMYCO Board! There are several options / positions that are available to be a part of the dynamic group that helps put together all of the activities we are so passionate about.
If you are able to share your time and talents with us, please fill out our Board Member Application so we can get to know you. 🙂
You can also check out the Board Members page here.
We’d like to give a huge shout out to our Board of Directors who have volunteered their time and attention to help make our events great! They are the foundation of everything that members come to experience and we would not be able to have everything we do without them! You are the mycorrhizal network to our fruiting body and are loved and appreciated! Thank you for all you do!!!
Mush love,