Hello SD Mycophiles!

Join us for SDMYCO’s Monday Mushroom Monthly Meeting coming up December 7, at 7pm. We are excited to bring you keynote speaker, Dr. Sydney Glassman, Assistant Professor of the Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology at UC Riverside. Her lab focuses on understanding the role of soil fungi and bacteria in ecosystem regeneration after wildfires and the role of microbiology community complexity and fungal-bacterial interactions in litter decomposition.

TALK : “A Tale of Two Megafires: Fire Effects on Fungi”
Fires are increasingly frequent across the globe and in Southern California. Fires negatively impact most fungi but some fungi are adapted to and thrive after wildfires. These fungi are called pyrophilous fungi. Dr. Glassman had two serendipitous opportunities to study pyrophilous fungi when her research plots burned down in catastrophic megafires. And what timely information this comes, as California recently has been doused with fires across the state.


Meeting hosted over Zoom. Registration Details for talk will be mailed to members day of event.

As a continuation and appreciation to increase fungal education SDMYCO is teaming up with UCR creating the “Microbiology Award of Excellence in Mycology”. The awardee with be a UCR Graduate student doing research in Mycology. This scholarship was created in honor of our founder, Dr. Elio Schaechter.

Lastly, we are having board elections at the beginning of the meeting, if you are interested in being part of this years board please fill out the application. We are especially in need of filling the positions of Secretary and Social Media Director.