First Mushroom Meeting of 2021

SDMYCO Monthly Monday Mushroom Meeting
Monday, January 4, 2021

Richard Tehan

Welcome SD Mycophiles to 2021!

We hope that you enjoyed your holidays and have had a wonderful start to your 2021. Join us for SDMYCO’s Monday Mushroom Monthly Meeting coming up January 4, at 7pm.       (*** SDMYCO Members check you email for registration link***)

We are excited to bring you keynote speaker, Richard Tehan, PhD Candidate in Pharmaceutical Sciences, from Oregon State University, as he takes us on a mysterious journey and shares with us new discoveries of the chemistry and biology of Cordycep-like fungi.

Richard’s thesis research is about drug discovery, chemical ecology, and the evolution of secondary metabolism, focuses on the fungi genus, Tolypocladium, better known as synonyms Cordyceps and Elaphocordyceps.

His presentation will explore the taxonomy, evolution, and discovery of the insect-pathogenic fungi known as Cordyceps. He will provide information about identification, as well as captivate the audience with entertaining and intriguing photos of fungus-zombified arthropods.

Come curious and leave in awe!

See you soon,

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